Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Finding the right wedding venue is one of the most important tasks in wedding planning, if not THE most important. The location can really set the tone and theme of your wedding, as well as affect decisions such as your date, the number of guests, the food served, any exclusive suppliers the venue might work with, and of course: your budget. In this article, we walk you through how you can start finding your desired location and which types of venues and requirements to consider.


Choosing a wedding venue should be one of the first decisions you make, but it can feel challenging to start out with such a big one. Here is how we recommend you get started.


Even before you start contacting venues, you and your partner need to get an idea of what your dream wedding looks like. In order to find the right venue for your wants and budget, you should start by loosely deciding the three following details:

  1. Wedding date: You should have an idea of when you want to get married (such as the year and month, weekday or weekend) but it’s good to not be too set on one specific date. The more flexible you are, the more likely it is that you can get the venue of your dreams. If you are very specific, you will have fewer options to choose from.

  2. The number of guests: Most venues have fixed conditions regarding the minimum and maximum number of guests. By having an estimate of the number of guests you’ll have, you can get a better idea of what venues and dates will suit your wedding.

  3. Wedding budget: Finally, it is important to discuss and decide on a rough budget for your wedding. The venue will require quite a chunk of the budget, and if you don’t have an idea of how much you can afford to spend on it, you might visit and fall in love with a venue that ultimately doesn’t fit your budget. By having an idea of when you want the wedding, how big it will be and your budget, it will be easier to narrow down your search for venues according to your requirements.



Many couples believe that you should book your venue before hiring a wedding planner, but that is not the case. Wedding planners actually include the process of finding a venue, which can save you from many hours of research and unnecessary emails. Due to their connections and expertise, a wedding planner is also able to recommend venues that you won’t find online – that might just be the perfect match for you.

In other words, starting the process with a wedding planner is the best and safest way to find the right wedding venue for you. At the end of this article, you will be able to read more about the venue tour process at Malaga Weddings and better understand how our wedding planning service works.


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There are plenty of venue styles to choose from depending on your budget and requirements. Here in Malaga and Mallorca, we work with over a hundred venues that all come with their unique look and feel. Some of the most popular location types to choose from include the following:

  • Fincas or Hacienda: For those looking for a traditional Spanish location, these properties are full of authentic feelings and details. You’ll here use a beautiful building with typically a big garden and in some locations even a cozy yard for your celebration.

  • Villa or Cortijo: Similar to the above but including accommodation for your closest and a swimming pool. Surrounded by grand scenery and spectacular views, they can be found with an authentic, Spanish setting, or a luxury modern style.

  • Beach Venue: If you have dreamt about getting married on a beach, this is fully doable in Spain. Beach-side hotels, restaurants and clubs can be used to host a ceremony at the beach or with the beach as a backdrop followed by a dinner and party.

  • Hotel: A hotel is a great idea especially for big weddings. Here you can have everything in one place with guests staying at the hotel if desired. Hotels come in many different themes and styles, from traditional Spanish to elegant and modern.

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If we look more at the details of your wedding, there are several requirements that go hand in hand with your choice of venue. You of course won’t need to decide on everything right away, but by having a rough idea, it will be easier to find a venue that matches your preferences.

As an example, the style you imagine for your wedding will have an impact on the type of venue to look at. Are you thinking more traditional and rustic (like a finca) or modern and elegant (like a hotel)? The venue will help tie the theme together, so it needs to match your preferences.

Other things to think about regarding your venue:

  • Distance from the airport
  • On-site or near accommodation for guests
  • Party limits such as how long you can play music for


These are just a few examples of thoughts that can be good to consider and be aware of before touring venues, to ensure you can have the wedding of your dreams. It is also a good idea to note down some questions you might have that can affect your choice.

In addition to these more general things, it is also important to communicate if you have any personal musts. This could be any detail, big or small, that is important to you. If you imagine a beach wedding with the ceremony on the actual sand, we’ll focus on venues that cater to that.

But with that said, it is also important to have an open mind. Sometimes you might think one thing is the right choice for you, but end up liking something completely different. That is why we usually recommend visiting some different types of venues to really get an idea of and understand what is important to you.


At Malaga Weddings, finding the venue is the first part of the wedding planning process with our clients. Here’s how the process goes:


It all starts with a free consultation; a 1h video meeting where we get to know each other and understand exactly what you dream about for your wedding day. In this free consultation, we show you different types and styles of venues, to identify what you like the most and have a good base to start working together. Once the couple signs their contract and makes the first payment, we move forward to creating their venue list.


The venue list is a customized list that includes between 5 to 10 venues selected carefully by our planners according to the style, wishes and budget of the couple. This list is sent within 7 work days after receiving the first payment and it includes all the necessary information to be able to choose your favourites to visit in Malaga or Mallorca. Once the favourites are chosen, we proceed to plan the venue tour.


The venue tour is a guided route with your planner that includes up to 250 km of transport. This usually gives space to see between 3 to 4 venues depending on the distance between each option. During the visits, our planner explains how the wedding will take place in each place, the benefits of each venue, the things to take into account and answer any questions. We always finish with a sum-up meeting to answer any last questions that you might have.

Note: For couples that are not able to come to Malaga or Mallorca, a video venue tour is also an option. This will be the same procedure just on video.


After processing the venue tour and having any questions answered, our couples will have decided on the right venue for them as well as their wedding date. We then help with formalizing the reservation and translating any contract or paperwork needed. A fixed deposit is needed when booking and then the remaining payment is usually settled one month before the wedding.

The location and venue of your wedding play a huge part in deciding the theme, size, budget and more of your special day. That is why it’s a really important first step that we at Malaga Weddings take part in. If you want to start planning your dream wedding, simply get in contact to find your perfect wedding venue in Spain.


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