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There are many things that can vary your wedding budget: the number of guests, the number of suppliers, the type of venue, etc. In this post you will learn to divide your expenses, control your budget and find out how much your wedding actually costs.


What is the Wedding Budget Template?


The wedding budget template is a tool that shows how much you are spending on your wedding. No matter how low or high budget you have for your wedding, it is important to control where your money is going.

One of the challenges during the planning is to remember what, when and where to pay. This sheet will remind you of all the details you need to make your payments correct and on time.

The total budget can be calculated in Euros and in your own currency money. It can be hard to understand how much you are spending on your wedding, if you don't see the total in your money currency.


wedding budget



What expenses are included?


The wedding budget is divided into 6 categories: trip, venue, attire, suppliers, honeymoon and others. Under this categories, you will find the most popular expenses couples have for their wedding. This practical tool is created on Excel, this means you can add or delete categories on the budget in a fast and simple way.


The columns are divided into service, price, paid, to be paid, company, method payment and notes. These columns will help you control the amount of money you need to transfer, who will receive it and when will it happen. As you can see on the picture, it is a complete overview of your wedding expenses.


How to edit the budget on Excel?


If you have a basic knowledge of Excel you will be able to edit your budget easy and simple. If you haven't tried Excel before, take a quick look at the following tutorial. Download your free wedding budget at the end of the post.







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