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2020 is a different year for everyone. A global pandemic is forcing couples from all around the world to postpone their wedding. That's why I created a simple and useful guide to postpone your wedding in Spain. Let's get started...


1. The Venue


Start by checking the contract you have signed with the wedding venue. - Do they have a force majeure clause? It is likely that the contract has it, maybe it is not reffering to a pandemic, but to a natural disaster like an earthquake. Even if they don't have a force majeure clause, most venues are offering to change the date for free.

When this is done, contact your venue to ask for new dates available. Make sure to write down several days and not only one. This will make it easier for the next step, contacting your suppliers their availavility and confirm your new wedding date.



2. The Suppliers


Write a list with all your wedding suppliers or download our supplier's list here to make sure you don’t forget anyone.

When you have finished your list, create a generic mail to send the information to all suppliers at the same time. In this email you can write your 3 favorite dates that the venue offered you. Ask the wedding suppliers which of these days they are available. You may be lucky and find a date when everyone is available. If this is the case, hurry and confirm the date with the venue and suppliers.

If it turns out that a supplier is not available any of the days, try to negotiate a fair solution. Take into consideration that deposits will not be returned. Here are some ideas to reach an understanding with your supplier:

  • The supplier can find a substitute as talented as her/him for your wedding.
  • The supplier can offer her/his service for another special occasion.
  • You can find another supplier and lose the deposit.


3. The Guests


When the date is confirmed with the venue and suppliers, it's time to order some new invitations or create an online invitation that you can send in a generic email, upload on your wedding website or post in your Facebook/Whatsapp group.

Here I leave you a step by step guide to create an online invitation for free in your language:

  • Create an account in
  • Up on the left click on Create a Design
  • Scroll down until you find Invitations
  • Scroll down to Wedding Invitation and press See all
  • Choose your favorite design and personalize the text
  • Up on the right click on the arrow pointing down
  • In the type of file choose PNG
  • Click on download and VOILÀ!

A last point I want to mention in this chapter is the insurances. For the safety of everyone attending your wedding I recommend that yourself and your guests buy a travel/health insurance for the trip. It is worth it to invest in an insurance in this uncertain situation.



4. Ask for Help


If you are experiencing difficulties in planning your wedding from another country, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Wedding planners are the best option in this situation, so if you don’t have one yet, check our new packages available this year:

  • Postpone your wedding: a one time service that will deal with all the administration required.
  • Online sessions: meetings online to help you in the right directions and give you practical material to follow.
  • Complete planning package: a service that makes sure your wedding goes smoothly. At the moment on 50% discount until the 9th May 2020. Ask for more information here.


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