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To plan a destination wedding can be very exciting or very stressful. The key that makes the difference is the organization. How can you stay organized, focus and excited during the planning? Find the answer in this post.


What is the WP Checklist?


Planning a wedding abroad involves many tasks during a long period of time and that can easily give a big headache. To make your planning process as smooth as possible, I have created the ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist.

In my WP checklist I have summarized the top 50 tasks and divided them into months. The timeline starts one year before the wedding, but you can also use it if you are starting to plan 2 years or 6 months before your big day.

In this free pdf you will find valuable notes and a full page for your personal reminders. We recommend to print it out in colour, check it once a week and commit to the tasks every month.



How can the WP Checklist help you?


The checklist is created based on the top 10 WP checklists in the world together with my wedding planner experience. The timeline contains valuable information in a very easy structure that allows all couples to use it.


The three main goals of the Wedding Planning Checklist are:

    • To give a clear overview of your planning.
    • To keep you organized and relaxed.
    • To make you enjoy the wedding journey.


wedding checklist


Let's begin to plan your special day...





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